About Jack Whitham

I am a software engineer at ETAS in York, England.

Software development is my life's work. I've been a commercial software engineer since I left the academic world in 2013. I'm always looking for ways to broaden my engineering experience. I currently work on software development tools for the engine control units (ECUs) found within cars. Previously, I have worked on tools for developing avionics software. I also developed research software for the Computer Science department at the University of York, mainly relating to real-time and embedded systems.

Over more than two decades, I've worked with many different programming languages and computer systems. I specialise in debugging and solving hard problems for my team. In the past year I have debugged a number of difficult issues in Java and C/C++ software as well as building a robust parallel continuous integration system on the AWS platform. In earlier work, I have developed desktop applications, designed algorithms, and created FPGA hardware designs.

My recent personal projects can be found on Github, while older work may be found here. In 2008 I completed a PhD in real-time and embedded systems. I have also written some blog articles.

I live with my wife Jilly in Heworth, York.

You can contact me by email at jack.d.whitham@gmail.com and via my LinkedIn profile.