About Jack Whitham

I am a software engineer at Rapita Systems, York, England.

My roles at Rapita have a broad scope. In the past year, I have led the technical work on a cutting-edge automotive software R&D project, written a static analysis tool for Ada code, significantly extended a software licensing system and made major internal alterations to the Rapita Verification Suite in order to support more precise worst-case execution time analysis.

Software development is my life's work. I am driven to gain broader experience and learn more, and I always focus on maximising the quality of any solution I'm developing, though as an experienced commercial software engineer, I'm also happy to make compromises and tradeoffs where necessary. I have worked on plenty of old code as well as new projects, spanning dozens of languages, platforms and levels of abstraction.

Most recently I have primarily worked with Ada, C and Python software, along with AArch64 and x86 assembly code. You can see some of my recent personal projects on Github, while older work may be found here. In the past, I completed a PhD in real-time and embedded systems, published research papers, developed hardware designs for FPGAs, and even wrote some games. I write blog articles whenever time permits.

I live with my wife Jilly in Heworth, York with our two dogs, Chewy and Poppy. Jilly Whitham is a WW coach and holds workshops in (and around) York. I sometimes assist her at these workshops, and it's very rewarding to see how their wellness programme can benefit people. We have our own WW success story, we changed our lifestyles completely, and we now try to do several charity running races each year, generally over shorter distances such as 10k and half marathon.

You can contact me by email at jack.d.whitham@gmail.com and via my LinkedIn profile.